Sophie qualified as a McTimoney Animal Therapist in 2010 following 3 years studying with The McTimoney College of Chiropractic for her masters’ degree. 

When misalignments occur in the skeletal system this can impinge on nerves which in turn can affect many processes within the body. These may be displayed as:

  • Muscle soreness or atrophy
  • Lack of topline despite regular work
  • Uneven or irregular gait
  • Tail being held to one side
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Refusing fences
  • A decrease in jumping ability
  • Bucking, rearing, napping and general bad behaviour
  • Grumpiness when being tacked up
  • Difficulty striking off on correct canter lead
  • Stiffness
  • Head tilting
The McTimoney technique corrects these misalignments, allowing the joint to move within its normal range of movement and allowing normal nerve function. This in turn enables the horse to move freely, build up strength and muscle evenly and perform to their best ability.

The McTimoney treatment is a widely recognised therapy and is hugely beneficial often producing very noticeable results. Sophie is available to travel throughout Yorkshire treating clients horses or clients are welcome to visit Thorndike Lane Livery for treatment.

Treatments cost £50 which includes taking a history, static assessment and gait assessment, palpation and treatment, stretching, Equissage and aftercare. Mileage may be charged for appointments further than 20miles from Thorndikes Lane Livery.

Veterinary permission must be sought before the treatment can take place. Most vets will happily give this over the phone.

Please contact Sophie on 07985 513620 or email to make appointments or to discuss your concerns about your horse requiring treatment. No concern is too small so feel free to get in touch. Remember prevention is better than cure!

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